Tess Daly: “Pregnancy made me insecure”

The Strictly Come Dancing presenter talks openly about her pregnancies and baby worries. While her husband Vernon Kay is in the doghouse…

Not content with being Strictly Come Dancing’s host, face of La Senza and having her own cosmetic range at Marks and Spencer, 36-year-old Tess Daly has now become an author!


The Baby Diaries reveals honest details about Tess’ pregnancy and mood swings with her hubby Vernon Kay. She also reveals how she did her first pregnancy test – and did her own fertility dance! “I stood in the toilet of our flat doing the pregnancy test dance: look at the stick, nothing’s changed, hop from one foot to the other, wave the stick, look back at the stick, still nothing, hop from one foot to the other again,” she recalled.

The TV couple were thrilled with the news, with Vernon ‘whooping’ with joy. Come the second pregnancy though, Tess reveals that she did the test in a supermarket toilet and presented the results as a gift to Vernon. She decided to “put the test in a white box with a big ribbon around it and giving it Vernon when he got home.”

The couple didn’t know if they would be able to have children as Tess discovered she suffered from high levels of prolactin, which had previously caused irregular periods and could have made her infertile. The condition was treated with Dostinex but they prepared themselves for not being able to start a family too soon because of this. However, three months after their wedding day, Tess found out she was expecting.

However, while pregnant, Tess admits she felt “alone and insecure” when Vernon wasn’t around. “I’d never been a particularly confrontational, but now that my hormones were all over the place, I felt totally erratic. I was sad one minute, happy the next,” she writes. “When he was back, we had an argument about something and nothing. I would throw cushions around the house in unwarranted fits of anger, and then feel ridiculous, as I had to pick them back up.”

Tess might want to find her inner pregnancy rage once more after her husband of 7 years admitted to sending racy texts to a 23-year-old glamour model Rhian Sugden – and 5 other women, according to the Daily Mail.

In a case of really unfortunate timing for Tess, whose book is out on February 18, she’ll be not doubt furious with the news that Vernon has been caught sending flirty texts and Twitter messages. That was as far as the relationship went however, as “they never at any point had a physical sexual relationship,” Vernon’s spokesman has said.


Tess and Vernon are parents to Phoebe, 5, and 8-month-old Amber.

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