Testicular cancer survivor becomes a first-time dad

Scotsman celebrates his miracle baby daughter's birth after battling testicular cancer twice

Ben Bowers, 31, has become a dad for the first time after having both testicles removed, following two bouts of testicular cancer, reports The Sun.


Ben’s wife, Jessica, discovered she was pregnant just a fortnight before their wedding in March this year.  Just two months later they received the news that Ben’s testicular cancer was back.

First diagnosed in 2006, Ben was advised by doctors to have his sperm frozen if he wanted to have children in the future. As the cancer was caught early, there was no need for chemo, but Ben had to have his right testicle removed.

Ben and Jessica’s baby Daisy, was conceived naturally, but the return of Ben’s cancer meant his remaining testicle had to be removed.

The cancer had also spread to his lymph nodes, and he had to undergo a course of chemotherapy, which means Ben can no longer produce semen or testosterone.  If the couple wants more children, they will have to use IVF.


“Daisy’s so beautiful and I’m the happiest man alive. It’s been a bonkers year,” said new dad Ben.

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