Texts, Facebook and emails – how modern parents keep an eye on children

Survey finds families text 1,768 a year


A study by Toshiba has found that parents now use every technical means possible to keep tabs on their children, including texting, Skype, social media, email and good old-fashioned phone calls.


The average family texts 1,768 times, sends 520 emails amd spends 68 hours on the phone – that’s an hour and 18 minutes per week – every year to keep up with family gossip, as well as posting 468 messages on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter to stay in touch.

Researchers also found that almost half of us text, email or phone family members in the same house because we’re too lazy to get up and talk to them in person.

Are you brave enough to follow your children on Facebook?! Let us know.

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