Thandie Newton: ‘I gave birth on the bathroom floor!’

Hollywood star Thandie Newton has had 3 home births because, she says, 'it feels normal'


Thandie Newton says she gave birth to her third baby, Booker, on her bathroom floor.


The Rogue and Mission Impossible II star is a fan of home births – both her older children were also born at home. And she says she likes it that way because it all ‘feels normal’.

Thandie, who used the same midwife who delivered her son Ripley, now 13, and her daughter Nico, 9, other to deliver little Booker, now 11 weeks, says she didn’t want to go into hospital.

“Booker was born on the bathroom floor,” she said in a recent appearance on the US TV show Today.

“I had just associated hospital with being ill,” she said. “I felt beautiful and healthy and wonderful when I was pregnant, and being at home is the place I felt most relaxed and comfortable,” she said. “So for me, it feels normal, but there was a time when everybody had their babies at home and it wasn’t such a big deal.”

Thandie’s certainly not the only celeb to was lyrical about home births. Davina McCall has famously called herself a ‘home birth evangelist’ and says she stayed at home for all 3 of her births.

“It knocked spots off any drug I’ve ever taken,” Davina’s said of her home-birth experiences. “When those babies popped out, I wanted to stand naked on the highest mountain and roar with pride. I could do it again and again and again.”

And now, as we reported earlier this month, NHS experts are recommending more of us non-celebs should consider a home birth (or a birth in a midwife-led unit), too, as, they say, both these options are just as safe as giving birth in a hospital obstetrics ward.

Would you opt for a home birth if you had the chance? If not, why not? Do post a comment below and let us know!

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