Thandie Newton ‘outs’ Mariah Carey’s pregnancy

Actress took over Mariah’s film role saying it’s because “she’s pregnant”

While Mariah Carey keeps mum over her pregnancy rumours actress Thandie Newton has been anything but discreet.


Discussing her up and coming film, For Coloured Girls, Thandie admitted she was offered the part originally cast for Mariah, saying the singer couldn’t take on the role, “because she’s pregnant”.

Realising her slip of the tongue, Thandie quickly backtracked saying, “Or something major is going on in her life, so I carried the baton for her. I only had two days to make a decision to play it.”

Mariah, who quit the film five days before filming began has been surrounded by pregnancy rumours over the last few months, with her husband, Nick Cannon fiercely denying the speculation earlier this year.

But rumour has it Mariah is set to appear on American TV this week to make what hubby Nick described as “a big announcement”.


Hmm, the plot thickens. We’ll keep you posted bump fans….

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