‘That’s a phone?’ Kids baffled by old-fashioned telephones: VIDEO

Watch these children's utter confusion when shown an old-fashioned rotary phone. One even thinks it works in Morse Code!


Children are used to using the latest smartphones and tablets to make video calls and browse the internet.


So how do you think they’d react to the sight of an old-fashioned landline ‘rotary’ phone with a dial instead of number keys?

This YouTube video posted by The Fine Bros shows that the kids really didn’t have a clue!

When 8-year-old Brooke-Monae picks up the phone and hears the dial tone, she says: “Dial tone… I think I’ve heard of that.”

A 5-year-old boy named Lucas says: “I wasn’t born in the 40s, so I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

Even the older children struggled with the concept of a landline. “Would it be like, you pick up the phone and it’s in Morse code or something?” suggests 13-year-old Thomas.

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