While checking out a sneak preview of her SS17 MyK collection for Mothercare (stay tuned to our Facebook for something very exciting ? ), we caught up with Myleene Klass for a quick chat about life as mum to 9-year-old Ava and 5-year-old Hero.


We also secretly wanted to see if she had the same, often embarrassing, mum confessions as the rest of us.

(Spoiler: she definitely does).

MadeForMums: What’s the best baby product you’ve ever used?

Myleene: Ultimately, I think the one thing every mum would not be able to cope without is wet wipes. I still use them now and my babies are 9 and 5. Products will always change and grow… but they are my go-to for everything.

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The worst baby product you’ve tried?

Any gadget. They get you at your worst time, you’re exhausted, you’re emotional, you’re caring for a little human, you’ve never been given that task in your life… and suddenly you need a degree in mechanics and astrophysics to try and figure half of them out.

What’s the best parenting advice you’ve ever received?

Mama knows best. If you see a baby, you don’t know what that baby wants to eat, but mum knows. It’s about the having confidence to know that you know best.


The worst advice?

Oh my God, I’ve been given so much awful advice. Some of it is so upsetting and confusing.

Everyone’s got an opinion. Everyone tells you how you should give birth and how many pints of blood you’re gonna lose during.

Everyone tells you you’re never gonna have your life back again.

It’s like: where did all the hell and damnation come from? It shouldn’t be [like that] - becoming a mum is the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

When was the last time one of your kids embarrassed you?

A few days ago, one of them lifted up my skirt to show my friend, in the street, which knickers I had on.

Luckily… I had knickers on! You’re so liberated at home and so free and you just don’t think about it. So we were having a conversation and she just said: “Oh, my mum’s got those knickers, BAM!”

When did your kids last make you laugh?

I taught Ava how to make me coffee. She’s allowed to use the coffee machine, and it makes her feel super independent, like she’s contributing. Hero is not allowed to use the coffee machine.

But Hero came upstairs and said “I’ve made you coffee” so I jump up, and it was a mug, and it had the two capsules in it. It had a coffee capsule and a milk capsule.

And she said, ‘I know I’m not allowed to use the coffee machine, so I made you this’. Here’s another job!

Aww! Who’s your dream celeb playdate?

Ava and Hero’s godmother is Lauren Laverne. Her sons are my godchildren. She’s my best friend.

It’s great because her two boys are the exact same age as my two girls. She has a similar job to my job, but we don’t actually talk about work – we just talk about wet wipes and mum stuff.


When did you last find the Holy Grail: a decent lie-in?

I got my first lie-in in months last weekend. First in a long, long, long time. Even when I think I’ve got the chance, my body clock is automatically set for 6:30am. It’s horrific - but it’s constant. Gotta get up and get my kids to school.

Something my mum said to me was: please look after yourself. Cos you are so selfless as a mum making sure everyone’s fed and watered and warm and looked after, which is right, but you do forget yourself. You go right to the bottom of the queue.

Last children's film you cried at?

How To Train Your Dragon! When they left Toothless in the bottom of the ocean. I think I was pre-menstrual.

The girls still bring it up. *Puts on a high pitched voice* “Remember when you cried at the end of How To Train Your Dragon?!”

To social or not to social when it comes to your kids?

I will never post a picture of my children’s faces. It's different for me. My children already live a life that’s in the spotlight, and I need to give them their choices should they choose to go into this industry or not.

At the minute though, they both want to save dolphins and turtles, so.... ? ?

That'll by why you dressed up as a dolphin for Ava's last birthday, we assume... so what’s on your kids Christmas list, then? A dolphin?

It’s all about dolphins - dolphin kits. In the kits, things to free dolphins. They’ve asked for a dolphin. I got them 2 fish - I thought that was like meeting them halfway.

We’re now trying to imagine you fitting a dolphin tank under the tree…

In the world I inhabit, stranger things have happened.

Images: Instagram/Myleene Klass

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