The 1 odd thing about Chrissy Teigen’s baby shower

Well, we think it's unusual but maybe it's a growing trend?


Chrissy Teigen celebrated her baby shower this week. A stunning picture of the mum-to-be rocking a Baby Mama crown caught our eye on Instagram.


We wonder if making the cardboard cut-out crown was one of her baby shower activities?

Chrissy revealed last week she’s expecting a girl – after choosing to implant the female embryo during IVF.

And she went all out on the girly princess theme.


But among the gorgeous pictures of girly pink princess cookies and bags of gifts – something stuck out like a sore thumb…

John Legend was there. In a Baby Daddy crown no less!


So did dad-to-be crash the party? Or was he invited?

Well, we expect from the massive smacker Chrissy is planting on his head that he was more than welcome.

Also, we can spot another man in the background, so we reckon it was a case of boys allowed.

Photos: Instagram / Chrissy Teigen

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