The 12 things you are to your child

Parents poll reveals the many roles mum plays in a kid’s life


The top 12 things mums are to their children have been revealed.


A Family Matter Index poll of 2,001 parents and grandparents, conducted by Tesco Mobile, found that mums play several important roles in their child’s life.

Dubbed the ‘SMARTmums jobs’, they span family cook to holiday planner, cleaner to personal tutor.

The 12 roles of a multitasking mum are:

1. Cleaner

2. Nurse

3. Chef

4. Party Planner

5. Teacher

6. Counsellor

7. Tour guide

8. Travel agent

9. Accountant

10. Relationship expert

11. Household PA

12. Stock controller

While mums juggle dozens of ‘jobs’ each day, it seems dads stick to what they know best with 66% taking on the role of handyman and 50% as sports coach.

But both parents apparently share taking the kids to school and extra-curricular activities, splitting ‘taxi duty’ 50/50.

“Mums are the lynchpin of family life and the hub of family communication, balancing work, life, childcare and family finances,” says Dr Katherine Rake, chief executive of the Family and Parenting Institute.

So, do you agree with the list?

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