This has to be one of the most amazing birth videos we've seen - maybe ever.


The film captures the exact moment a baby was delivered during a c-section with its amniotic sac still totally encased around it.

The video was shared on Facebook by the Birth Without Fear birthing centre in Texas, USA.


The footage has amassed an amazing 1.1 million views since the birthing centre shared it last Wednesday - although some viewers have commented that the baby seems distressed (though we're quite sure the docs knew what they were doing...).

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One claimed that the incision looked 'pretty big', while another said the baby seemed to be opening its mouth as though it was trying to cry.

However, gynaecologist and obstetrician, Dr Gino Pecoraro, said that he had watched the film and that the baby was fine, and its arrival in the world was perfectly safe.

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"All I could see was that they had made a cut in the uterus and then the sac ballooned out so from all I know the placenta is still attached to the wall of the uterus and the fusion of oxygen and nutrients is still occurring," he told Daily Mail Australia.

It was once thought to be good luck if a baby was born still inside its amniotic sac - the old wives' tale going that a child who was delivered this way would never drown, and therefore would be a good sailor - though we're not sure we'd advise putting that theory to the test.

These days, caul births are exceptionally rare, with only 1 in 80,000 births recorded with the baby still in its sac.

And that fact alone makes this vid and this little one's arrival even the more amazing, right?

Pics and video: Birth without fear on Facebook

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