"You'd better be good or Santa won't bring you any presents!" How many of us have used this line on a rather-too-excitable child in the run-up to Christmas? <guilty face>


But how about getting the Big Man himself to call and remind your child that there's still might be some decisions to be made about that naughty or nice list?

Well, you can do just that – with an app called Message from Santa (on Apple and Google Play).

It allows your child to call Santa's voicemail and leave a message – and Father Christmas can call back or text back with a personalised message, mentioning their name, their interests and the state of the naughty or nice list. The 'calls' are all in-app, so there are no actual phone calls but they are pretty convincingly real.

screenshots of the message from Santa app
Some screenshots from the Message from Santa app

The app's been around for a while and some of its features are still free. But now, to get rid of all the ads and access many of the personalisation features (like using your child's name), you do have to pay for a premium upgrade that's set up with an auto-renewal every month (unless you cancel it at least 24 hours before it's due to renew). It's also worth knowing that the calls are quite short.

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If you're happy to upgrade, it's a safe, sweet and reasonable-quality experience – and a novel way to get Saint Nick to let you child know they're doing great and he's sure to be coming down the chimney with a loaded sack of goodies.

We're not sure we'd use it to get Father Christmas to do any telling off, though. We think that's maybe a bit too hardcore for us...

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