The app that gets Santa to tell your kids off directly

Would you be tempted to use it? Or is it too mean?


“You’d better be good or Santa won’t bring any presents.”


☝️☝️☝️ A classic line a fair few of us will probably use at least once on our kids between now and Christmas right?

But how about getting the Big Man himself to call and deliver a stern warning that, unless behaviour improves, there will be no gifts this year? ?

Well, now you can do just that, with an app called Message from Santa, which allows your child to get a personalised text message or voicemail from Father Christmas making sure they know that Santa’s well aware if they’re headed for the naughty list…


On the flip side, if your child’s being an absolute angel, you can also get Saint Nick to let them know they’re doing great and he’s sure to be coming down the chimney with a loaded sack of goodies ?

What do you reckon though? Do you think it’s a bit mean to call on Father Christmas directly to do the telling-off? (And what would you do for the rest of the year?) 

Or do you think it’s a fair tactic if you’re kid’s simply not behaving as they should? Maybe you’ve used this app already? If so  – let us know what you think of it!

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