The best tear jerking film of all time is…

Children's movies top the poll of films most likely to make you shed a tear


The heart tugging moment when ET bids his sad farewell to his human friend Elliott has been voted as the ‘most powerful’ moment in a film by movie fans.


Steven Spielberg’s 1982 children’s favourite. ET: The Extra Terrestrial, has been voted the film most likely to make you well up to, according to a poll of 2,000 people by FILMCLUB and LOVEFiLM.

And it seems that adults are becoming soft in their older age, with children’s classics holding three of the top four positions for most emotional movie.

In at second place is the recent blockbuster Toy Story 3 – the scene of the abandoned toys holding hands to prepare for their fate in the pit of fire was voted as a tear jerker.

And of course, the moment Disney’s most famous deer Bambi learns the fate of his mother touched the heart of many and was voted in as the fourth most emotional moment in film. Another children’s classic to make the list was the Wizard of Oz, when Dorothy opens the door of her grey, tornado torn house, to a world full of colour.


Do you have a favourite tear-jerker movie?

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