Ok, we know some of you guys just LOVE Elf on the Shelf, right? Why can't we have little Elfie here all year round? we hear you cry.


And we get it. The kids love any cute magical creature that comes alive at night and gives them presents - and seeing their joy is enough to put yourself through all that Elfie mischief, right? ?

Hmmm. Be careful what you wish for because there's now a cute little goblin coming our way for when your little ones lose their teeth too. Oh joy! ?

My Best Tooth Fairy Friend, aka BTFF, is (we're told in the sales blurb) "a spunky and loveable companion for any child who's about to lose a tooth".

Sounds just magical?

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You get a gift box featuring a book, the fairy herself and some stickers as well as a "tooth vessel" to keep the pegs in - all intended to help your child see their way through the inevitable heartache of - errrrrrr - losing a molar.


Ahh, a special, magical and beautiful time which requires a constant fluttering companion, stickers, gifts (*not included in the box) for your child and money (*also not included in the box, obvs).


Whatever happened to bunging a quid under your little one's pillow once they're asleep (avoiding waking them up / standing on Lego while you do it)?

And once you've got tooth, like, number 12 out - man - can you even remember which parent's turn it is to sort the money?

Still - in case you are falling off your chair right now wondering where you can get one of these cute little elfins, then you may soon be in luck.

Currently, they're only available to buy in America (for $34.99 at Amazon.com) but BTFFs may be winging their way across the channel very soon ?

What do you think?

Would you buy ones of these for your little one? How much do your kids get per tooth? Tell us in the comments below or over on Facebook

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