The competitive world of cup stacking – VIDEO

Age-old cup stacking game goes competitive and international!


A humble toy box staple has made the transition from a simple timeless activity to a furiously fast and competitive sport.


The 2012 World Sport Stacking Championships is set to bring the fastest cup stackers from across the globe together for two days of hand-tastic endurance. The championships will be held this weekend in Butzbach, Germany, and the bar has already been set high.

The fierce battle to make the final saw cup stackers showing off their skills at regional and national championships from Ireland to Japan, in order to select the fastest fingers to compete in Germany on 14th and 15th April.

Footage released from last month’s Japan-based tournament revealed the incredible speeds at which children as young as 4 can stack and un-stack cups. The competitions also include team stacking, where two people work together but are only allowed to use one hand each.

The current world cup stacking record is held by 11-year-old Chandler Miller. The US schoolboy can complete the nine-cup stack and un-stack routine in just 1.53 seconds!

Check out the handy work from competitors young and old at the Japanese tournament.

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