If only all first dates went as beautifully as this, eh?


Rebecca Entwistle – who we assume is mum to Nieve, shared the story of her little girl's first date on Facebook – and it is quite the sweetest thang!

Not only did Nieve find her 'date' Harry waiting for her in the Glossop branch of Pizza Express with a gorgeous bunch of flowers, but the pizza company themselves went out of their way to make sure the pair had a fab time, too.

"So... this little couple had their first ever ‘date’," Rebecca wrote on her Facebook page, alongside a pic of her daughter and her very dapper beau, Harry.

"Harry was a true gent and bought his little lady flowers. They had (according to Nieve): ‘the best time ever’," Rebecca continued.

Harry and Nieve

And it would seem that flower-toting Harry couldn't wait to present his gal with her blooms – his mum shared a pic of him on Facebook with said flowers and the caption: "This was waiting for Nieve to arrive, asking every 30 seconds if it was 5 o'clock yet!"

(Why weren't any of OUR dates ever like that, hmm?)

And if all that wasn't enough to warm the cockles, what happened next is even more awwwww-inducing. Rebecca continues:

"I have to say the service and food were amazing and the staff wonderful. When the bill came we were touched (close to tears actually as it was such a kind gesture) to find out that Pizza Express had picked up the tab."

How nice is that – and just check out the sweet message the waiting staff wrote on the bill ('This one's our treat').

Rebecca was over the moon, and shared a pic of Harry and Nieve holding the bill with the words: "Thank you so much, I’m sure this will be the first of the little couples many visits."


And it certainly seemed to have made the date go even more swimmingly, because Harry's mum then replied to Rebecca's post, writing:

"Harry told me on the way home that he and Nieve have already talked about marriage."


We just love this story on so many levels – that Pizza Express did such a lovely thing for these two little 'uns and that their mums are so encouraging and sweet about their blossoming 'romance'. Do you agree?

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Pics: Rebecca Entwhistle/Facebook

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