The Disney Store is having a magical makeover…

Fantastical changes are being made to Disney Stores all around the world, starting with Belfast and Milton Keynes

The Princess Castle – where’s the Prince?

Mirror, Mirror on the wall

Whether you wanted to be a beautiful Princess or heroic handsome Prince when you were little, one thing’s for sure – everyone loves abit of magic and fairytale. Which is why we were excited about the launch of The Disney Store‘s brand new look, complete with enchanting (and very hi-tech) decorative extras like a Princess Castle and illusional skylines.


Opening in Milton Keynes today and having already launched in Belfast last month, the newly designed store features unique experiences never offered before in the store like talking trees (like the trees in the Wizard of Oz but nice!) that change through the seasons and have Disney characters magically appear and a Magic Mirror in the Princess Castle (where else?!) that we wouldn’t mind owning ourselves!

Gone are the days when you were greeted by an overzealous store worker wearing a Disney cap and bowtie, the new store offers a stunning Disney Skyline, which surrounds the store. Giving the illusion of famous landmarks in your fave Walt Disney films, you’ll notice Big Ben (from Peter Pan), Notre Dame (Hunchback of Notre Dame), plus you’ll be treated with flyby visits from Dumbo and floating Mickey Mouse balloons!

If that wasn’t enough, your little ones will be treated to clips, trailors and even animation classes and storytelling at the in-house Disney Store Theatre.


With promises of the new design making its way to the Oxford Street, London store in Spring 2011 and 300 other locations in and around Europe, your trip to Disney will never be the same again!

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