The doll that Googles your child’s questions…

… and then tells your child the answers!


What’s so special about this doll? It can answer all your child’s questions by searching the internet.


My Friend Cayla from Vivid was unveiled at the Toy Fair yesterday, and has been hailed as the world’s first ‘live’ interactive doll.

The doll syncs to a smart device via Bluetooth and, aided by Google’s speech-to-text technology, will recognise a child’s question, search the internet to find the answer and then ‘speak’ the answer back.

Cayla is protected by Google SafeSearch technology which actively blocks unsuitable feedback and words to enable the child to play and learn safely. Parents and guardians can also access an app to add any words or phrases to the blocked list for added protection. 

The doll will hit stores across the UK in the summer and looks likely to cost around £59.99.

What do you think of the doll? Would you buy it for your child? Do tell!

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