The doll that’s bigger than your daughter

Quirky new doll Notalie aims to be a tween’s best friend

Your new BFF?

We’re looking forward to having one of these unusual new Notalie dolls popping into the office! At 1m tall, Notalie will probably tower above your little one when they first meet (if she could stand up on her own of course!) and could become her BFF.


Notalie has been created by Kym Yorke, who hopes the doll’s distinctive look and non-conformist style will help little girls stay little girls for longer.

“Notalie is the complete antithesis of Barbie and due to her height and quirky appearance she is likely to stay in favour with little girls for longer, unlike smaller dolls which are rejected at a much earlier age. What’s more, Notalie is a bit different and looks like a gangly bored ‘tween’ so girls between the age of five and 11 can really identify with her and I am hoping that they will embrace her as they are growing up,” says Kym.

Bits and pieces to go with Notalie, including the dog you can see in the picture, other friends and accessories will be following next year.


Reckon she’ll catch on?

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