The Dolphin Tale 3D movie review

MFM went along to a screening of a brand new family film, The Dolphin Tale 3D


MFM headed along to a sneaky preview screening of new family film The Dolphin Tale 3D at Warner Brothers HQ last night. We were ushered into a super cute screening room and made ourselves comfortable with our nibbles – and our 3D glasses.


The Dolphin Tale stars many top name actors including Harry Connick Jr., Morgan Freeman and Ashley Judd. But it’s child actors Nathan Gamble and Cozi Zuehlsdorff who really steal the show as characters Sawyer and Hazel, who become friends through a mutual love of dolphins.

We were moved by the story, inspired by the true tale of Winter, a dolphin who had to have her tale amputated after being caught in a crab net in Florida back in 2005. The Dolphin Tale is part fact and part fiction, featuring a young boy named Sawyer who finds the badly injured dolphin and makes friends with the Clearwater Marine Aquarium team who aid the dolphin’s recovery.

We won’t spoil too much, but there are so many layers to this unique film. As Winter the dolphin (both in real life and in the film) has to have her tale amputated, doctors create a prosthetic tale especially for her, which essentially bridges the gap between animals and humans. Disabled children and adults from all over come to see the dolphin who is just like them. Even if you’re not an animal lover, prepare to choke back a few tears!

However, at nearly two hours, we have to admit The Dolphin Tale may be a little bit too long for young children to stay focused. Be prepared, you may have to leave the cinema early (might be an idea to pack a bag of sweets to keep them happy!). While the serious elements to the story will go over their heads, what little ones will enjoy is the beautiful footage of the dolphins, especially in 3D as they really do come alive before your eyes.

We suggest that slightly older schoolchildren (from about 11 upwards) as well as you, the parents, will truly appreciate the heartwarming story of the dolphin who touched so many lives.


The Dolphin Tale will be swimming to a cinema near you very soon.

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