The Fatherhood Rap that’s gone viral!

Fiat’s latest ode to new dads hits a million views in just a few days


After the viral success that was ‘The Motherhood Rap’, it was only a matter of time before Fiat balanced out the scales and told dad’s side of the story.


The Fatherhood Rap, created to celebrate the launch of the Fiat 500L, tells the tale of a dad who is driving round town late at night trying to get his little ones to drift off to sleep.

From drinking milk from the bottle to carrying the duo in a bulky carrier, this daddy-o raps to a new romantic electronica beat about his lost-youth and how he’s gone from Jack the lad to Jack the dad.

Although he confesses he loves them both (and their mother) dearly, the tired father can’t help delivering some witty lines on his plans of revenge like, “You peed inside my bedding, but I know I’ll get my own back when I’m dancing at your wedding!”

The four-minute clip, which pokes fun at the reality of looking after children compared to what new dads may have originally envisioned, has taken the internet by storm getting a million views in just a few days!

“We want everyone to enjoy it and have a good laugh. As with our first film (The Motherhood), we have reflected in The Fatherhood the life of dad in a way that is honest and truthful,” says Elena Bernardelli, Marketing director.

We’re sure lots of new dads will find the scenario all too familiar, so check it out and tell us your thoughts below…

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