The heart-wrenching story behind this emotional new dad’s photo

His daughter's arrival moved him to tears for a very special reason...


This photo of dad Hunter Madden and his newborn daughter Evelyn is just ???


It was captured by photographer Leilani Rogers, who shared it on her Facebook page, along with the touching story behind it.

Turns out, Evelyn is a rainbow baby ??, which made her arrival all the more emotional for her father.

Leilani explained:

“This is a story about a mom and a dad who went through loss and persistence to get their baby.

“That tattoo on his chest was done after their first miscarriage, and now his daughter lies her sweet head against it.

“Both of them a reminder of triumph.”

You can just tell from this photo how much it means to him to hold his little girl in his arms.

Indeed, Hunter and his partner had previously gone through infertility and loss, and Leilani told Parents that she sensed their reaction would be incredibly moving after hearing their story.

And even though she was on the clock, the powerful emotion (naturally) got to her, too…

“I admit that I got choked up a few times as they expressed their feelings about finally having their rainbow baby.”

Huge congrats to the new parents ?

Images: Facebook/Leilani Rogers

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