When Australian mums-to-be Chontel Duncan and Natalie Smith shared a picture of themselves bump to bump with just 4 weeks difference in their pregnancies, the girls' fans on social media LOVED it - simply because it shows in an effective and honest way just HOW different everyone's bumps can be - and that this is totally OK.


Now Chontel and Natalie have had their babies they've taken another photo of them with their little boys. And guess what? They look pretty much the same size.


"Had a lovely surprise visit from Nat & baby Charlie," Chontel wrote on Instagram.

"Omg his baby blue eyes are so beautiful. Wish I could have cuddled & kissed him but I'm not 100% well yet (hence my rank face)" she joked. "Two healthy incredible pregnancies & now two healthy baby boys."

The latest pic has caused as much of a flurry as the first one. One follower said: "Different bodies, same outcome. Babies are incredible!"

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"Look how cute they all look...everyone's genes are different and respond to pregnancy in different ways," said another.

"Some don't put on weight others do - but the most important thing is that the babies and mothers are healthy!! ??"

Here here. Congratulations both!

Image: Instagram/Chontel Duncan

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