Expectant mum Tess Holliday has a message for the haters who don’t think she looks pregnant just because she’s plus-size.


The size 26 model (who’s a 22 in the US), is 37 weeks along with her 2nd child. Like many soon-to-be mothers, she recently hopped on board with the celeb trend and shared a nude bump selfie.

She also took the opportunity to have a few words with anyone passing judgment on her body – pregnant or otherwise – especially those who say they can’t see that she (clearly) has a baby bump.

“When people say to me "I can't tell you're pregnant" & my face is like ?” she captioned the pic. “I will continue to live unapologetically, to thrive in this body, prove the naysayers wrong & laugh at the ignorance.”

Go Tess ?

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It’s not the first time Tess has been forced to deal with online trolls – who were quick to body shame her when she shared another bump pic at 28 weeks.

We’re glad Tess isn’t letting the negativity distract her from what’s important right now – which is preparing for her baby’s safe and healthy arrival.

And it seems she’s still enjoying the last few weeks of her pregnancy (which we all know can sometimes be easier said than done).

The American model and her partner Nick also shared some sweet snaps from what looked like a fun, tropical-themed baby shower…

“We had such a magical day celebrating our little sprouts impending arrival!????? #babyhollidayontheway #babyshower ?” she wrote.

What do you think of Tess’s comments? Would you go for an unusual baby shower theme? Let us know below!

Images: Instagram/Tess Holliday

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