The heartbreaking reason a stranger asked to be moved away from a family in a restaurant

'I felt horrible for her and I felt horrible for judging her'


Dinner out with the kids – there’s nothing quite like it, eh? If all goes well they’ll be as good as gold and no one will even notice they’re there.


Though there is – of course – always the offside chance one of them at least will decide to have a full-on meltdown while you’re waiting for pudding to arrive.

And we’re all probably used to the glares – and even tuts – of strangers wondering why we can’t keep our kids in check.

So imagine how Iowa mum Ashley Wadleigh felt when she decided to take her 3 kids out for dinner at a local restaurant and noticed the woman next to her physically putting her hand up to her face so as to block the view of her children.

“Now this wouldn’t be the first time someone moved when they saw three kids sit down by them,” claimed Ashley (in a Facebook post that has since been deleted).

“But I couldn’t help but be angry. Like, what do you think my kids are going to do – throw food? Stab you with a fork?”

Once the waiter had helped move the woman and returned to Ashley’s table – Ashely said she couldn’t help but ask if she’d requested to move because of her children.

“He bent down to the table and said, ‘They recently lost a child.'”

Overcome with guilt about her assumptions, Ashley says she did the only thing she could think of to make things better – and paid for the woman’s meal, telling the waiter not to say who’d footed the bill.

But Ashley’s act of kindness didn’t go unacknowledged – the stranger guessed it was her. 

“Trying so hard to hold back tears she said, ‘Ma’am, I didn’t want you to think because . . . ‘ I interrupted and since I was about to cry myself, I just gave her a hug and she whispered, ‘Thank you.'”

Thinking about what had happened later in the day, Ashley said:

“It reminded me to never snap judge someone – you never know what others are going through.

“It also reminded me to live every moment with my children and to savour the good and bad because they are here and they are mine.”

So true ?

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