We all think our homes are pretty baby and toddler-proof, right? And of course in the main they are - as parent paranoia dictates that we are always on our toes when it comes to things that our little ones could put in their mouths, or pull down on top of themselves.


With that in mind, Tide have produced a video that challenges us mums and dads to spot the 11 hazards we might have around our house - and gives us just 5 seconds to do so.

Why 5 seconds? Because they reckon that's all it takes for our eagle-eyed bubbas to spot the dangers and either pull on them, try to eat them, or even get entangled or trapped by them.

And even though we are always vigilant and on the case, it's nice sometimes to just have that little reminder, isn't it?


Window blind cords fill us all with fear, right? Not to mention inquisitive fingers going into plug sockets, or toys being poked in them. And don't even start on the potential of a huge unsecured telly being pulled over...

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Sharp edges, fireplaces and choking-hazard loose change are always on our hit lists of things to protect the kids from, but how often do we just put our handbags down without thinking? Um, yep, guilty as charged.


It doesn't bear thinking about that anyone would leave an iron unattended, or have one of those trendy leaning mirrors not securely fixed to a wall, but sometimes it's the little things like party balloons we don't always automatically keep out of kids' reach...

We think this is a great initiative from Tide to give us a bit of food for thought - don't you?

Pictures: Tide/YouTube

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