The Honest Dad’s weaning confession: ‘We’re eating healthier than ever before!’

We reckon loads of mums and dads can relate to this one - can you?


Dad blogger Adam Riches – aka The Honest Dad – told us something recently we thought was verrrry interesting indeed.


He admitted that he and his wife have been eating WAY healthier than usual – and all organic – since they started weaning with their son Eddison, now 9 months.

“We’re eating differently because the baby’s eating so well,” he told MFM.

“He has little bits of what we’re eating, but because we’re so much more conscious of what we’re giving him, it’s quite strange for us – suddenly we’re eating quite healthily.

“Everything’s organic – organic everything. My wife wants everything to be good for the baby, but also the grandparents [are] getting involved.

“So, she’ll come [home] with organic carrots, which I’m pretty sure are the same as regular carrots, but in her head, it’s really helping.”


It kinda makes sense, right? If, for example, you’re about to pass the puree stage but your entire diet is pizza and chocolate, you can’t exactly give your weaning baby a Wispa and a slice of Domino’s, can you? ?

You’re automatically going to have more veg etc in the house.

The organic thing is interesting, too – especially if you’ve never been fussed about that sort of thing before!

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Images: Instagram/The Honest Dad

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