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The lengths one mum went to for her baby's Take That birth date

One pregnant woman went the extra mile to ensure her child's connection to her favourite singer...

If you think you’re Take That’s biggest fan, you may want to think again.


It looks like you’ve been pipped to the post by one woman, who band member Mark Owen says decided to get INDUCED so her baby would be born on either his or Gary Barlow’s birthday.

45-year-old Mark told the Friday edition of Metro:

“We did an interview and we were phoning some mums. One mum told us she got induced so she could have the baby on either mine or Gary’s birthday.

"So she had her baby on my birthday, 22 January."


Wow! Now that’s commitment ?

Mark’s comments got us thinking here about our own kids’ birthdays and if there are any superstar crossovers.

One MFM staffer loves the fact her 5-year-old (coincidentally) shares a birthday with Madonna, and even goes out of her way to play the pop icon’s music on her little one’s special day.

They also share a similar tooth gap, so she always tells her daughter she's "channelling Madonna".

Another MFM writer’s grandma has always been rather pleased to have been born on 6 May - the same day as George Clooney.

And another one of our team isn't interested in celebs, but is in interested in stars. She would want to have a baby born in July - because she wants her child to have the star sign Cancer!

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Does your little one share a birthday with a celeb? Or if you were going to take it to the above mum’s extreme and PICK your child’s birthday based on a famous person’s - who would you choose?

Similarly, did you try to make sure your child’s birthday took place on a specific day or month - for any reason?

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