The miles we clock up trying to lull babies to sleep

From taking them for a drive to playing the radio through the night, a new survey reveals how British parents get their little ones to sleep


According to research from discount website, some British parents will drive a whopping 1,404 miles in an attempt to send their child to sleep.


Over half of the 1,107 parents polled – all with children now over 2 – admitted to taking their little one for a drive to send them to sleep.

Of these respondents, 69% said they drove an average of 6 miles a time when trying to send their child to sleep. And 54% said they used the tactic three days a week. As a result, the study claimed that the average parent, who spends three nights a week driving their child to sleep, would travel 1,404 miles in 18 months.

Aside from driving a fifth of parents polled said they gave their child a warm bath and 18% said they played the radio throughout the night to help send their child back to sleep.

What’s your trick to getting your child to sleep?

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