Before our Facebook Live with Giovanna from The Baby Show on 4 March, we thought we'd have a quick catch up with vlogging/writing mum-of-2 to discuss all things parenting products...


MFM: We’re excited to hear you speak on Saturday – what’s your talk about?

Giovanna: It’ll be very mum-focused and me giving an honest account of how I’ve found motherhood.

But you’ll be talking. On a stage. In front of loads of people. Do you not get… nervous sharing that stuff?

I used to get nervous, but not so much now. When I write, so much time is spent on my own in front of my computer, so I really value that human connection.

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Alright, one thing we love about The Baby Show is (guilty) the buggy-testing track on our own stand - what was the first buggy you used for Buzz? And did you test it before buying?

We went for a Bugaboo Cameleon3 and it was fantastic as it was easy to use and sturdy. We then opted for a Mountain Nano when travelling and it’s been an absolute dream as it’s so lightweight and compact. Some of them weigh a ton!

We [she and husband Tom Fletcher] road tested them before getting them as it saved any buggy regrets.

One thing that caught our eye was your lovely outfit on the front of your book, Happy Mum Happy Baby. Do you reckon your style has changed since becoming a mum?

It’s changing all the time because my body is changing so much – STILL! For the last year my boobs have had to be accessible. I’ve loved Seraphine basic [nursing] tops for this which I’ve worn under shirts.

I guess now my main priority when getting dressed is wearing something I can bend over in. And not be worried about flashing my knickers at the same time.

You talk about your, ahem, ring cushion, and how it was a bit of a saviour in the book. What are your other must-have new mum/parenting products?

Haha! I forgot about that. Lansinoh’s nipple cream was an essential, and I loved my ‘breast friend’ breastfeeding pillow, which I got from Amazon.

My Medela Freestyle pump is a product that’s been used more than anything else, though.

You’ve been talking about some really personal stuff lately – including a written account of your miscarriage at 6 weeks...

I decided before writing [the book] that I wanted it to be an honest account and capture everything. So I just sat and wrote, without feeling restricted.

That being said, I always had the option to take out anything I didn’t feel comfortable sharing… but miscarriage is a part of what I went through to become a mum.

It’s a horrible thing to experience, but it happens to so many people. We shouldn’t be scared of talking about it.

You also mentioned receiving a barrage of advice the minute you announced you were pregnant…any you'd share with our mums-to-be out there?

I think the best piece of advice I received, and therefore pass on, is to ignore all of the advice given. Otherwise you just end up doubting yourself and not trusting your instincts.

But what about when that 'friendly advice' snowballs into ‘mum-shaming’ on social media?

Brush it off. We all know what’s best for our own children and shouldn’t let the opinions of others either question that or interfere when we’re doing the best we can. It’s easy to judge from a picture.

Happy Mum, Happy Baby by Giovanna Fletcher is out now published by Coronet, £16.99. Get Baby Show tickets here.

Images: Instagram/Giovanna Fletcher

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