When Bar Refaeli shared this mega-cute snap on Instagram of her side-by-side baby bumps, it did at first seem that she had shared the same image - that her 2 pregnancies were pretty much identical.


Bar captioned the pics 'same week, same dress, same place. Different year' as though she too thought they were much the same shot, just a year apart.

And even though at first glance they do look the same, we reckon you can have a bit of a game of spot the difference with the snaps - because no 2 pregnancies are ever entirely the same, right?

For a start, Bar's current bump looks a little more pointy to us than the rounder one she sported with daughter Liv, who was born in August, 2016.

Also, we reckon her hair is a bit diff this time round - as gorgeous as it still is, it maybe is not quite as thick and swishy as it was when she was first pregnant? And we can def see a fringe too - perhaps incorporating some of the baby hairs that come along so often at the front after pregnancy.

And as we say - no 2 pregnancies are the same - a point proved in a timely fashion by fitness blogger Chontel Duncan, who shared this pic of her tootsies to Instagram a couple of days before Bar's bump pics.


Captioning the images 'pregnancy 1' and 'pregnancy 2', Chontel compared the swelling and fluid retention she experienced in her feet first time round, with her perfectly normal feet while expecting her 2nd baby.

So photographic evidence - if it was needed - that like with every other part of pregnancy and birth and parenting, you cannot draw comparisons with a) anyone else or b) even your own previous experiences.

Because every pregnancy is different, and every body is different.

We did enjoy playing 'spot the difference with Bar's lovely shot though... different phone, too ;-)

Pics: Instagram barrefaeli/ chontelduncan

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