The potty that costs £700

Swarovski crystal covered potty in high demand! But who would pay that price?


The My Carry Potty has been given a glam makeover with a load of sparkly Swarovski crystals.


Amanda Jenner, the creator of the original My Carry Potty, made the high-end version as a present for her friend. She posted a picture on Facebook and was inundated with requests from mums wanting one for their potty-training toddler!

Until now, Amanda’s potty has been available in yellow, pink or blue for £24.99. The Swarovski one, however, is £700. Ouch!

“I love anything a bit glittery so I created this bit of bling for a good friend. I cannot believe the reaction to it, I really didn’t think people would pay so much for them – they have to be handcrafted and use more than 2,500 genuine Swarovski crystals so despite the price tag they are not as profitable as you might think!” said Amanda.

“We have had a few requests from celebrities we already know so it seems we could be adding a little bit of sparkle to some people’s potty training!” And a big hole in their budget.

Read our review of the My Carry Potty and decide what you think for yourself. 

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