A primary school in Nottinghamshire is trying to get parents more involved in their kids' education by grading them on how much the teachers feel they support the school.


The parent-grading system was, apparently, designed to get mums and dads more engaged in helping with their children's schooling, and to encourage them to attend more school events and generally get as involved with the school as possible.

Parents of pupils at Greasley Beauvale primary school, Newthorpe, are given A to D grades based on the following criteria:

A-grade: Actively-involved, ‘go above and beyond’, highly-supportive parent. Can be a bit demanding in a negative way.

B-grade: Involved. Attends parents' evening, works effectively with the school and understands its work.

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C-grade: Not very involved.Does little to support their child’s learning and very little to support the school but will attend events occasionally.

D-grade: Uninvolved. Does nothing to support their child’s learning or the school; is rarely in school.

Blimey ?

The parent grading's been happening since 2011 but only came to light recently when an Ofsted report on Nottinghamshire schools highlighted Greasley Beauvale's 'startling' results. In fact, Sir Michael Wilshaw, Chief Inspector of Schools, says he reckons this school's parent-grading system has made a "huge difference" for many of the pupils. And a number of parents – and grandparents – agree with him.

"I think it's very beneficial to the pupils and the parents and the grandparents as well," the gran of an 8-year-old pupil told The Telegraph.

But, as you an imagine, not everyone is so happy about the scheme.

“It’s one thing when your child gets a bad grade, but now they openly embarrass their parents too,” said one mum.

Another said, "I try not to take notice of it but it really irritates me that they are sat in the staff room judging us all and giving us marks, too.

"Those parents who work 9 to 5 won't have time to have as much input as, say, stay-at-home mums who have the time to contribute more and go to more school events."


Here at MFM HQ ,we can kind of see both sides to this story. We think it's admirable that the teachers are looking at ways to encourage parents to support the school more, and to help their kids' education flourish.

On the other hand, isn't grading parents a bit judgy and heavy-handed – especially when every parent's circumstances are different?

We have to say that, if we got a low grade, we're not sure it would spur us to support the school more; it might well have the opposite affect and make us annoyed at the school for having a go at us when, quite frankly, we're doing the best we can.

Oh, and can we grade the teachers btw? Thought not....

What do you think?

Do you reckon this is a good thing and more schools should do it? Or is it just not the right way to get parents on board? What grade would you get? Tell us in the comments below or over on Facebook

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