Your strangest online shopping substitutions

Nipple cream instead of nappy cream, scouring pads instead of toilet roll (ouch!) and a WHOLE lot more random swaps – all shared by our mums


We loved the story of the dad who ordered wet wipes on his online shop and got whiskey instead. So we opened up the debate to our MFM mums and asked what weird substitutions you’d had in your shopping bags. And boy –  you told us some good stuff. Here goes…

  • “I ordered nappy cream and got nipple cream instead”
  • “We ordered a rain cover and got a George Forman grill….”
  • “I ordered toilet roll and they sent me scouring pads”
  • “I ordered a clip-on book light…they sent me a drain cleaning rod!”
  • “Ordered toothpaste, got harissa paste”
  • “I ordered batteries and got 12 kids coat hangers… Needless to say the coat hangers didn’t make the remote control work…”
  • “My baby wipes were substituted with a pack of cleaning wipes with bleach!”
  • “I ordered baby socks for my son and they replaced it with men’s size 12s”
  • “We ordered pineapple – got a jerk chicken dinner”
  • “Chicken burgers – they were a substitute for vegetarian burgers”
  • “Christmas crackers substituted with a tin of biscuits”
  • “Normal bread instead of gluten-free, balloons instead of party bags, nappies instead of pull ups”
  • “I ordered marmite and got fast-acting yeast. It has happened 3 times now!!”
  • “Bacon and cheese quiche instead of yoghurts…”
  • “[Ordered an] Easter egg. Got a child cup bowl and plate with a giraffe on”

Ever had a weird substitution?

Tell us in the comments below.

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