According to a recent survey of 1,254 British parents by, a whooping 56% of mums and dads find the parent habits of those around them annoying.


A top ten list of irritating habits revealed parents in the UK dislike ‘using a cutesy voice’, followed by being bombarded with ‘baby-related Facebook status updates’ and thirdly ‘putting babies on the phone’, as their top three. You can read the rest here:

Top 10 parental habits people find annoying

  1. Using a ‘cutesy’ voice
  2. Baby-related status updates on Facebook
  3. Putting babies on the phone
  4. Not disciplining children when unruly in public
  5. Swearing in front of children
  6. Blaming their children for not going out any more
  7. Parents who constantly say how ‘perfect’ their child is
  8. Criticising other parents’ children
  9. Matching outfit between father/son or mum/daughter
  10. Using their children as an excuse to be unsociable

Here at MFM we saw the funny side to these annoying parenting habits. What do you consider to be the most annoying parental habit? Let us know below…