The truth about Baby Dove’s ‘perfect mum’ billboard

Turns out the 'perfect' mum isn't even a real one...


Baby Dove’s new advertising campaign features a giant billboard of The Perfect Mum – an unattainably glossy, thin and perfectly-coiffed blonde woman with glittering green eyes and a well-behaved baby nestled in her arms. 


Sounds ludicrous, right? 

Well, fortunately, that was the whole point of the ad.

Because, after revealing the billboard at London’s Waterloo train station, Baby Dove has revealed that its perfect mum isn’t so perfect after all.

In fact, she doesn’t exist.

The Perfect Mum isn’t even a human woman, but the invention of artificial intelligence. She was created using an algorithm designed to pull together characteristics of mums from images found elsewhere in advertising. 

Phew ?

Baby Dove’s accompanying study of 3,000 mums showed that 88% of first-time mums felt that images seen in adverts or the media don’t reflect their own experience as a mum.

As a result, more than half said that motherhood wasn’t what they expected, and said they didn’t share as many pictures of themselves on social media post-baby, due to feeling inadequate, unattractive or feeling like other mums were more attractive than them ?

But hey, at least this goes to show that The Perfect Mum is nothing more than a figment of a computer’s imagination ?

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