The truth behind the ‘amazing’ walking newborn video

Is the footage of the just-delivered baby taking its first steps all that is seems?


The Facebook vid has notched up some 85 million views, and the story has been picked up around the world.


Because, hey, it’s not every day you see a brand new baby taking its first strides in the delivery room, is it?

It even seems to surprise the Portuguese-speaking midwife who is looking after the newborn and supporting her as she makes her moves!

She can be heard exclaiming: “Oh my gosh, the girl is walking, good gracious!”  

Have a gander here…

However… while it’s a pretty cool thing to catch on camera, what the bubba is doing really isn’t that out of the ordinary after all.

What she is doing is the result of the step reflex, and it’s just one of many reflexes newborns have shortly after birth.

(The rooting reflex, when they make aim for the boob, and the grasping reflex, when they clutch your finger, being just two others.)

The video simply shows the common phenomenon of a newborn making stepping motions, when they’re being held up. 

Unfortunately, that means there’s no miraculous walking baby to see here. Still, we can’t stop watching it ???

We’d love to know if your bubba did this when they were first born – let us know in comments below, or over on Facebook

Image: Facebook/ArleteArantes

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