What advice would you give a new mum?


@cherryhealey Embrace the online parenting communities – they're a great source of wisdom and often comedy, as well! No one will judge you for asking the most bizarre question.

What’s your must-have app?

@cherryhealey Definitely the Jumbo iPieces games! They turn your iPad into a board game, which means less stuff to cart around. Parent heaven.

What was Coco’s first word?

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@cherryhealey “No”. And she uses that very regularly!

What’s the funniest thing Coco’s ever done?

@cherryhealey Putting granny on the naughty step and telling her off very sternly. It cracked me up!

Do you think Coco will follow in your footsteps and work in TV?

@cherryhealey Well, she does love trains... and I do get to spend a lot of time on trains!

What was your favourite childhood toy?

@cherryhealey A toy Dulux dog. It seemed massive at the time and now it looks tiny – and shabby! But Coco loves it now too.

Is there a New Year’s resolution you’ve never been able to stick to?

@cherryhealey Yes – all of them! Last year I promised myself I would read more – I failed. I’ve made the same resolution this year though!

Now that you’re a mum, which three things couldn’t you live without?

@cherryhealey My iPad! Also the Peppa Pig and fishing games, Coco plays them while I do my make-up, hallelujah. Oh and Tupperware. I have to confess that I am slightly obsessed with Tupperware.

Have you ever had a ‘they never tell you that’ moment about being a mum?

@cherryhealey I was not aware that you might, um, do a number two while bringing forth new life into the world. It came as rather a shock to hear that!

What meal do you most like cooking for the family?

@cherryhealey I love cooking anything with home-made stock in the recipe – Coco really likes to help me make risotto and soup as there is lots of stirring and adding bits ’n’ bobs involved.


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