The Twitterview: Jenny Frost

Jenny on why more children is 'crazy talk', labour and her new mum advice...



@PPPMAGAZINE: How did you feel when you were told you were expecting twins?


@JENNYFROST22: Shocked….seriously didn’t speak to anyone for 3-weeks-until-it-had-sunk-in type shocked.

@PPPMAGAZINE: How did you tell your hubby Vicente?

@JENNYFROST22: We were together at the doctors when we found out.
@PPPMAGAZINE: When you went into labour with the girls did you think, ‘Oh I can’t do this again’?

@JENNYFROST22: When I had Caspar it was all very calm & lovely…so I wasn’t worried about doing it again. How wrong was I? Ouch!

@PPPMAGAZINE: Have you been asked all of the traditional twin questions – can you tell them apart? Are they identical? Will you dress them the same?

@JENNYFROST22: We call them the girls, not the twins- twins makes me think of one unit & they are two little individuals. And no they won’t dress the same unless they ask to when they’re older. They’re not identical but they are super similar & we do get mixed up sometimes, although they change daily!
@PPPMAGAZINE: What are you looking forward to about bringing up girls?

@JENNYFROST22: I can’t wait for them to start raiding my wardrobe to play dress up!
@PPPMAGAZINE: What’s been different so far about having twins?

@JENNYFROST22: It’s hard sometimes with twins as you can overanalyse things… am I giving them equal attention? Are they getting enough cuddles? With Caspar, he was permanently stuck to my chest, you can’t physically do that with two.

@PPPMAGAZINE: What would your advice to another new mum be?

@JENNYFROST22: I got put on bed rest in the later stages of my pregnancy & it drove me mad…I hated it! Now if someone put me on bedrest, I’d kiss them… I’m knackered!

@PPPMAGAZINE: What’s been your biggest mummy mishap?

@JENNYFROST22: Not had one as of yet……hope I’m not tempting fate!

@PPPMAGAZINE: What did you enjoy/ dislike about being pregnant?

@JENNYFROST22: I loved my pregnant body… it’s just incredible to think you’re actually making a little person or two! But as I was pregnant with twins and at high risk of premature labour, towards the end of my pregnancy I wasn’t allowed to lift heavy things or do too much…I found that very frustrating!

@PPPMAGAZINE: Is three enough, or can we expect more babies along the way?

@JENNYFROST22: 3 is enough!! I’d actually love to have another one but I love holidays & the thought of 3 kids on a long-haul flight is terrifying enough, 4 is just crazy talk!!

@PPPMAGAZINE: Do twins run in your family?


@PPPMAGAZINE:  Are you the kind of mum you thought you’d be?

@JENNYFROST22: Yeah, I’m quite laid back with Caspar… as long as he has good manners & works hard at school, I let him be the messy, noisy, ball of energy that he is!
@PPPMAGAZINE: What’s the worst piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

@JENNYFROST22: No idea, it was obviously so bad that I’ve deleted it from my brain… only room for positive stuff!!
@PPPMAGAZINE: What’s your favourite thing about being a mum?

@JENNYFROST22: My favourite thing in the world is hearing my kids laugh, proper full, belly laughs… nothing else compares!

@PPPMAGAZINE: What have you been doing with cookie brand Oreo?

@JENNYFROST22: Oreo is all about getting families in the kitchen together baking and making a mess! Caspar & I have been creating our own Oreo Pops to help other families make their own too! 

@PPPMAGAZINE: Do you like to bake?

@JENNYFROST22: Caspar & I often make cakes & I especially love it when he’s got his friends over & they all want to bake together….not stressful at all, honest!!


Jenny Frost and her son Casper had fun together creating Oreo pops as part of the Oreo: Make The Kitchen Your Playground campaign. Visit to see how you can make your own Oreo Pops.

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