@PPPMAGAZINE: Ava's comment at school about you putting her in a cupboard made us laugh - what was going on there?


@KlassMyleene: I haven't been turning the lights on at bedtime as its spring and it doesn't get dark until she's fast asleep. This somehow escalated into ‘my lights are off and I'm locked in a cupboard’. She has an older friend who tells her about Harry Potter. The combination of these two tales left me wanting to lock myself in a cupboard. Many parents have come forward with similar, funny stories.

@PPPMAGAZINE: What was your real 'I wasn't expecting that' moment when you were pregnant?

@KlassMyleene: Errr, everything! The way your body changes, the way your belly itches, your nipples get darker, your senses can rival a sniffer dogs…Also, how suddenly the world is full of people pushing buggies. They all suddenly materialised. Never noticed them before! How is that?!

@PPPMAGAZINE: Could you see yourself having more kids?

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@KlassMyleene: Not until I have a bigger cupboard (JOKE). I am extremely happy with the ones that I have.

@PPPMAGAZINE: What's been your biggest 'oops moment' as a mum?

@KlassMyleene: This is from the recesses of my mind. All there is to say is that I called George Clooney, George Bush. Baby brain is real and dangerous!

@PPPMAGAZINE: What's the funniest thing Ava, 5, and Hero, 3, have said to you?

@KlassMyleene: Ava says funny thing every second. Her honesty and observation are brilliant. My fave is still the time she was in church with her Granddad and the priest said, 'In these desperate times, you may ask where is Jesus?' and she stood up, pointed at the wall and said, 'He's behind you, he's stuck to the wall'. Hero’s just learning to talk but she says the cutest things. Cats, dogs and leaves are her latest passion. Obvs as her mum, to me this unequivocally makes her a genius!

@PPPMAGAZINE: What inspires your kids' ranges?

@KlassMyleene: I'm inspired by my own children first and foremost, my god children, what my mummy friends love and of course my gut instinct. I know what I love and I trust that. I travel a lot and take inspiration from what I see…black lace in Italy, broderie in France etc.

@PPPMAGAZINE: Are your girls into fashion?

@KlassMyleene: My girls love fashion, like most children in as much as if I let them loose they'd leave the house in wellies and tutus! Ava will pick up black items though and say 'Hmm, very chic, very Baby K’ which makes me laugh, it’s very me!! Both girls come to work with me all of the time. I like them to not only see what goes on and learn from it but also, it’s like an extended family. They see my gang every day and most importantly, they see other women who work in business and are strong role models for them.

@PPPMAGAZINE: Are your girls into boy bands/ pop bands - is that weird for you after being part of Hear'Say?

@KlassMyleene: Ava knows I was in a band but thinks it should have been called 'The Mermaids' instead of Hear'say. They see live orchestras and know to tip toe over cables in studios and when to clap at the end of performances. They like music in general but are still young to show real allegiance!

@PPPMAGAZINE: What's the best piece of advice you've been given as a mum?

@KlassMyleene: Best advice given since becoming a mum came from my mum was 'This is your life now'. Lauren Laverne (my BFF) and I still quote it at each other!

It’s so simple but mourning your old life and the sleep you had or trying to be what you're not just doesn't work. Your children are your life and you have to find a 'new you' a 'new normal' within it as they can't do anything for themselves at this stage. You're their absolute lifeline.

@PPPMAGAZINE: And the worst?

@KlassMyleene: Worst advice: to read a Gina Ford book. Though in fairness, it made the best doorstop I've ever had! The lack of emotion and rigidity that was written in the book is bonkers. Babies are little humans not robots and mothers need reassurance not orders/schedules.


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