The Twitterview: Tom Pellereau

The Apprentice winner and dad-to-be Tom reveals his new baby-focused invention and whether Lord Sugar will be on nappy duty…


@PPPMAGAZINE Are you excited about being a dad?


@inventor_tom I’m over the moon with excitement, whilst terrified about the lack of sleep. Talking to friends it sounds like being back in The Apprentice!

@PPPMAGAZINE How did your wife Sarah tell you the news?

@inventor_tom In the kitchen with three pregnancy tests in her hand. It was the day after she’d run a half marathon, so my child has completed one before me! It also meant Sarah could hardly walk so she walked up the stairs like a nine-month pregnant lady, rather than a few weeks – I was so excited.

@PPPMAGAZINE Have you been reading any parenting books?

@inventor_tom I’m really into the gadgets and have been asking everyone for their ‘must-have’ items via Twitter and at The Baby Show.

@PPPMAGAZINE Do you hope he or she will grow up to be an inventor?

@inventor_tom Good question! Maybe. My wife keeps telling me we are having a baby and not a guinea pig that I can test my ideas on.

@PPPMAGAZINE How are you going to juggle being a dad and working with Lord Sugar?

@inventor_tom That’s the Million Dollar question all parents face. It’s going to be very tricky but a lot of fun. I’m building a team and processes to help make it possible.

@PPPMAGAZINE Do you think Lord Sugar will do some of the babysitting?

@inventor_tom Ummm, I’m not sure, I will let you know! He was full of congratulations for me when I told him, which was really nice.

@PPPMAGAZINE Would you consider naming him Alan if it’s a boy?

@inventor_tom The name Alan is not presently on the list. But you never know…

@PPPMAGAZINE Is being a dad-to-be what prompted the new baby nail file, the Nipper Clipper, or was that always the plan?

@inventor_tom So many parents have asked for help via Twitter and in person – one after a trip to A&E, too. Baby nails are so difficult, but being a dad-to-be has accelerated it.

@PPPMAGAZINE Can you tell us more about the product?

@inventor_tom ‘Nipper Clipper’ has three parts – an extra safe spy hole so parents can see exactly what they are cutting, a baby distracting app and a baby file. Focus group results have been amazing.

@PPPMAGAZINE Can we expect more baby/dad-inspired products from you?

@inventor_tom Maybe. Invention for me is all about finding problems and inventing products worthy of the wonderful support I’ve received. Fingers crossed!


The Nipper Clipper will be available from Amazon and Sainsbury’s priced at £9.99.

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