The video every working mum needs to watch

These working mums all feel like they're not good enough. But their kids tell a different story…


We all get ‘mum guilt’ every once in a while. Am I playing with my child enough? Do I shout too much? Do I ever smile at them??


But, it turns out, we’re actually doing A LOT better than we think – and this video just about proves it.

It might be completely in Japanese (albeit with helpful subtitles) but the amount of love these children feel for their mums needs no translation.


Filmmakers in Japan asked mums to share their idea of what being the ‘perfect mum’ means to them and how they think their own parenting ranks.

And every single mother admitted she didn’t think she was doing good enough – always rushing out of the door to get to work in the morning.

“I question myself all the time if I’m doing OK as a mother,” one mum said.


But then the tables were turned and children were asked what they think of their mums. And their responses couldn’t have been more positive.

You’ll need a tissue before you get to the end of this – it’s just SO moving.

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