Well, here's a tale of having your parenting cake AND eating it. Or maybe we're just jealous. You decide.


Here's the deal - every weekend - nay, every Friday night, model and presenter Rachael Finch sends her 2-year-old daughter Violet off to her husband Michael's mother's house.

Mum-in-law Irena then minds Violet until Sunday morning, leaving Rachael and Michael free to do all those fun, weekend things that childless couples do (we can't actually remember what they are, given everything pre-baby is now a dim and distant and somewhat hazy memory, sigh).

Rachael claims the weekend set-up is healthy for her marriage and enables her to balance motherhood, her career and her relationship.

In fact, so good and convenient is the arrangement, it has made Rach declare she wants TWO MORE babies with Michael. (We don't know if she has told Irena yet).

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As well as keeping their relationship on track, the weekend childcare also means the couple have 'renewed energy' when they pick Violet up on a Sunday. Sounds fair enough, eh?

The story doesn't entirely end there though. Think that Rach and Mike are knee-deep in playdough and duck-feeding the rest of the week? Er, no. Not quite.

Enter 85-year-old Elizabeth, Rachael's granny, who apparently often takes over on weekday afternoons to take Violet for a walk.

Rachael told the Telegraph that she HAS shifted her priorities since Violet was born:

"It was very much career and travel, which still exist, but the priorities have become Violet and family, because you have this little thing that’s dependent on you," she said.

"It’s like heaven in a body, just watching her grow. It changes your pace, your energy, everything."

And if her Instagram account is anything to go by, Rachael is the epitome of doting motherhood, calling Violet her 'reason for everything' and captioning one cute snap of her sleeping 'moments like this I will cherish forever'.

Obviously this arrangement totally works for these guys: would you go for something similar? Or do you think every weekend with granny's a step too far? We'd love to know what you think.

Picture: Instagram/Rachael Finch

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