Remorseful thief returns baby’s toy and blanket to bereaved parents

A mum and dad from Dartford were left heartbroken when the buggy, toy and blanket of their baby son, who had died, was stolen....


We just can’t imagine what this poor couple must have been feeling when, after their little son died, his buggy and precious toy dinosaur were stolen from their car ?


A striped baby blanket and baby mirror were also taken from the couple’s Ford Fiesta in Dartford, Kent, at around 6.15pm yesterday evening. 

Sergeant Becky Jones of Kent Police said the theft had caused “a great deal of upset and distress for the whole family.

“These items are of huge sentimental value to the victim and the family would desperately like them back,” she added.

The baby’s father (who wishes to remain anonymous) also commented: “It’s that heartbreak feeling again… It’s destroyed me.”

Just awful ?

We’re guessing whoever took them had an inkling of just how upsetting the whole situation was – as the items showed up again, left outside a local police station, after the incident had been reported ?


We do hope the fact the items have now been returned might give the family some small comfort during this difficult time ?

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