Thirteen-year-old girl threatens to kill Santa

Schoolgirl writes letter to Santa threatening to “hunt down” his reindeer


While most children try to avoid being on the naughty list so they can get what they want for Christmas, one schoolgirl is doing things a little differently. Mekeeda Austin, 13, has written a demanding and rather scary letter to Santa Claus, warning him that if he fails to give her what she wants for Christmas she will kill him!


 “This Christmas, I don’t ask for much, so if you don’t get at least two of these things I want, I will literally KILL you!” wrote Mekeeda in her letter to Santa.

The Year 9 pupil also threatened to “hunt down” Santa’s reindeers and “cook them and serve their meat to homeless people on Christmas Day.”

Meekenda, from Bedford, also demands in the letter a Blackberry, a designer jumper, Converse trainers, sunglasses and the real Justin Bieber!

Mum Tracey Austin, 40, was shocked when she found the demanding letter in her daughter’s school bag but said she will try to meet most of Mekeeda’s requests.

“When I first found the letter I thought it was funny, now I think I better get her what she wants, the last thing I want is for her to kill Santa,” said Tracey, reports the Daily Mail.

“I know it sounds like she is spoilt but I like to get my daughter what she wants also you don’t want to get on the wrong side of her,” Tracey warned.

Despite the chilling note, Meekenda is confident that she’ll get what she wants and thinks that there’s nothing wrong with her demanding note to Santa. “Even though my mum found the note I still think I will get most of the things I want,” Meekenda said.

“I don’t see any problem with the letter, I want all of these things and I don’t see why I shouldn’t get them,” Meekenda added.

Have your children written their letter to Santa yet? not as scary as Meekenda’s one we hope!? If so, we’d love see them! Take a photo of their wish list or scan it and share it with us on Facebook.

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