Exclusive look at the Hee Tee: A ‘heat and energy generating’ buggy!

We look at the brand new self-warming Hee Tee pushchair that's winning awards


We see many innovations in the parenting industry at MadeForMums, but none have been more interesting this year than the new Hee Tee buggy.


It’s interesting because it is a stroller that generates energy when being pushed, it then uses the energy to heat the carrycot/seat unit. 

Initially when we saw the Hee Tee pushchair we were a bit apprehensive, because you have to be careful when it comes to babies overheating in pushchairs.  


The makers of the 13.5kg pram say the Hee Tee has a maximum temperature of 23C, which is three degrees higher than the maximum room temperature recommended for babies, according to safe sleeping experts.

However, according to the manufacturer, the pushchair does include auto-temperature regulation, which has been safety tested to ensure babies don’t overheat.

The proof will be in the pudding and it remains to be seen if the product will come to market with the same specifications. 

What else does it do? 

Scooping the award for innovation of the year at the Kind & Jugend trade fair, there is also a bottle warmer in the base of the buggy, as well as a tablet dock and USB port so you can charge your tablet or phone.

You do have the option to turn off the generating system by lifting up a lever. 

The Hee Tee also has an automatic brake which acts over the two rear wheels instantly at the push of the brake button in case you need to suddenly stop the stroller.


And the price?

So what will one of these new-age pushchairs set you back?  The price is yet to be confirmed, but it’s likely to be just under the thousand-pound mark. 

However as it’s still in the development stage, you’ll have to wait until at least 2018 to splash out on this buggy.

So what do you reckon, the glorious future or one gadget too many?


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