There have been some CRAZY rumours swirling around on the internet about Louis Tomlinson's baby this week.


Like that the One Direction singer's 12-week-old baby Freddie Reign is a fake and he actually posed with a doll to create the black and white shot above. (Yeah, we warned you.)

Louis and Freddie's mum Briana Jungwirth kept their baby out of the public eye – only sharing a handful of pictures of him.

But some One Direction fans became convinced the baby didn't actually exist and came up with a theory they called "Babygate", according to Buzzfeed.

They basically believed that the whole pregnancy, birth and resulting baby photos were fake and invented to distract from the fact that Louis is actually in a 'relationship' with Harry Styles. Wow.

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Last week, Louis – with baby in tow – reacted to the crazy theory when a paparazzi said: "Hey Louis, it's good to see that your baby is real, man."

"Have a bit of respect for a baby, pal," Louis replied, according to the Daily Mail.

Meanwhile, Briana isn't happy about the rumours either.

She commented on an MTV News Instagram post which showed her baby Photoshopped out of one of the photos of Louis holding him.

"Sorry but that is just cruel. I don't usually speak out much, but I'd like to know how would you feel as a new proud mother reading something like this?" she wrote.

"How dare anyone call my child fake? That's sick and morally wrong. Say all you'd like but I won't let anyone take away the happiness I have for my baby son. I know Louis won't either."

So recently, as the 24-year-old dad has been sharing more pics of his son on Instagram – some say they're to 'prove' the existence of his baby.

Yeesh. We’re glad we don't have an army of superfans!

Photos: Instagram / Louis Tomlinson

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