Instagram-loving mum of 2 Charity Grace LeBlanc is unquestionably rocking her multi-coloured hair do ?


But she's recently come under fire from some of her 313k followers, after dying her daughter's hair.

In a recent post, she revealed that her 2-year-old, City, was getting her hair dyed pink. (Her son has also had blue hair.)

"City got her very own pink hair makeover at our favorite @monacosalontampa ?" she wrote beside the photo. "They used @paulmitchellus color craft dye which is completely kid safe and contains no harsh chemicals."

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dyed pink hair

We also think the fact it's not permanent dye is a really important thing to emphasise...

"And it's temporary! I'm a firm believer in self expression and I love how my kids are exploring their creativity and learning how to be just be themselves! ????"

Regardless, it still ruffled up a bit of a storm in the comments. Some were really on board with it, saying little City looked fab.

city hair pink

Others were, to put it mildly, shocked. "What the hell ??????????????????" seethed one, while another agreed: "WTF???? Are you mad?"

One commenter in particular made their views on dye-for-kids perfectly clear: "What's wrong with you?????? You can't do this to a child, it's chemical pure and unhealthy!!! So stupid!!"

We're not here to judge, but we'd love to know: would you consider temp dye on your toddler? Let us know on Facebook, or in the comments below!

Images: Instagram/Charity Grace LeBlanc

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