This Sylvanian Family-themed baby shower is breathtaking – but is it too much?

The woodland shower that's way over the top but completely stunning…


When your friends throw you a baby shower, you’re probably expecting a few cupcakes, maybe balloons and a few lovely gifts for your baby if you’re lucky. So imagine Brittanie’s surprise when her mum and sister organised possibly the most OTT baby shower we’ve ever seen.


OK, so her mum is a florist and her sister plans events for a living, but still, we think this baby shower looks more like a wedding.

The creative duo put together the autumnal shower with rustic details and a whole array of woodland creatures – even a fox made from flowers. 

Guests were treated to a swanky sit-down dinner at a formal farm table decorated with hanging wicker flower arrangements while younger guests were treated to custom-made colouring books at their place settings to keep them entertained while their mums enjoyed their food. Phew! .

Brittanie’s mum even created a sign out of slate with baby Brantley’s name (yes they’ve decided on that already). And we have to confess our favourite detail is the three-tier cake with Sylvanian Families toys on top.

The extravagant shower has divided the MFM team. Some of us love it. Some of us think it’s too much and just adds pressure on pregnant women to do bigger, better, flashier events – from pregnancy announcements, gender reveal parties to amazing baby showers. 

What do you think? Is it still OK to have a low-key pregnancy?

Photos: Heather Rice Photography

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