Craziest parenting stories of the year

The parents who made the news weird, wonderful and mysterious ways in 2014


Robbie goes wild…in the delivery suite

Robbie Williams’ party days may be over but the prankster couldn’t help himself during birth of his son. As his super tolerant wife, Ayda, went through the pains of labour Robbie sang ‘Let it go’ at the top of his voice, and filmed it in a series of twitter updates. Errm. How annoying? And as 8lb 2 oz Charlston Valentine Williams left the US hospital it was Robbie who was in the wheelchair cradling his newborn son, pushed by his incredibly, tolerant, wife.

Nuns stomach pains were labour pains

Nun gives birth to surprise son

A nun gave birth to a baby boy after being rushed to hospital with agonising stomach pain. The 31-year-old nun, originally from El Salvador, was admitted to hospital from her convent in the Italian city of Rieti and had no idea that she was pregnant. The shocked nun, whose stomach pains were in fact labour pains, gave birth to a healthy baby boy and named her son Francesco (Francis) after the Pope and called him, “a gift from God“..

Swapped at birth, the stuff of nightmares

Swapped at birth: should children be returned to their natural parents four years on?

It’s the nightmare that you pray never comes true. A boy and girl, born in a South African hospital on the same day, were mixed up and taken home by the wrong parents. Now, 4 years later, the case has come to court and legal experts are deciding on the children’s fates

The families had lived unaware of the mix-up until until one of the mums underwent tests to prove the paternity of her child, after her ex-husband refused to pay child maintenance. When the truth was revealed one of the mums initially wanted her biological child back, while the other wanted to keep the child she had raised. Because they couldn’t reach an agreement, it was left up to the courts to decide. The children’s fate has yet to be decided.

Firemen Ross and Richard to the rescue

Fireman delivers baby using tips from One Born Every Minute

Fireman Ross McLaren made the headlines when he delivered a baby using knowledge he’d gained from watching the maternity ward documentary. Fireman Ross was attending a blaze in north London the early hours of the morning when he saw mum-to-be Ewelina Zimnicka in labour, in the back of a car stuck in traffic. Ross and fellow fireman Richard Hall came to Ewelina’s rescue and delivered the baby later named Antoni, with Ross saying he knew what to do because his wife made him watch the Channel 4 TV show.

Baggy clothing – baby on the way

Celebs in baggy clothing accused of being pregnant

Our obsession with bump spotting got a little out of hand. Celebs who dared wear clothing that allowed them room to breath were suddenly accused of being mums-to-be and pronounced pregnant by the press. Having a belly the size of a satsuma, or indulging in a big lunch was enough to get the rumour mill going for Jennifer Anniston. Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Jessica Biel to name but a few…

Prankster birthing partner Robbie Wiliams

The world goes mad for #Royalbaby number two (and it’s not even born yet)…

When the world’s most celebrated mummy, Kate Middleton, announced (finally) that she was pregnant with her second child, some of us got a little bit excited. But some of us rose above the madness and saw it for what it was, “@HuffPostUKCom BREAKING NEWS: A married woman of childbearing age is pregnant”. And as for Prince George, well he was reportedly unimpressed.

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