Three-year-old boy accepted by Mensa!

Tot’s IQ equals Bill Clinton


A three-year-old boy has become one of the youngest people ever to be accepted by Mensa.


William Potter from Stoke-on-Trent was assessed as being in the most intelligent 0.4% of people his age, reading number plates and naming most towns and cities in Britain. His high IQ is thought to equal that of ex-president Bill Clinton and Napoleon Bonaparte.

“When he’s in his pushchair he reads car number plates, and when we go out in the car, he’s in the back with a map on this knee and reads the signs and tells you where to turn,” explains William’s mum, Lynn.

Lynn reckons her son picked up his thirst for knowledge at an early age, watching her run the family’s toy business. “I would be sending packages across the world and he would read the labels and ask where the places were. So I bought him a globe and he soon started learning all the countries and cities.”


Little William joins the youngest child ever to be accepted by Mensa, Elise Tan Roberts, who joined at two years and four months last year.

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